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कवि एक बड़ा सा तोता होता है, जैसे कि मैं

जिसे उसके संरक्षक पालते हैं

कई होते हैं वे

Shamser Bahadur Singh

Poems from Shamser Bahadur Singh

Tomas Transtromer – April and silence

April and silence   Spring lies desolate. The velvet - dark ditch crawls by my side without reflections.   The only thing that shines is yellow flowers. I am carried in my shadow like a violin in its black case.   The only thing I want to say glitters...

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Tomas Transtromer – Track

Track   2 A.M : moonlight. The train has stopped out in a field. Far- off sparks of light from a town flickering coldly on the horizon.   As when a man goes so deep into his dream he will never remember that he was there when he returns again to his room....

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Tomas Transtromer – Weather Picture

Weather Picture   The October sea glistens coldly with its dorsal fin of mirages.   Nothing is left that remembers the white dizziness of yacht races.   An amber glow over the village And all sounds in slow flight.   A dog’s barking is a hieroglyph...

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